Hotel restaurant with vegetarian and Gluten Free in Rimini

Characteristic of our kitchen that makes it unique, is that many products we use are to KM: 0, that is produced in the nearby countryside and consumed fresh.

The flowers of pumpkin crops just before lunch, and fried by our chef ‘s skilled hands! The salad of field cultivated by the legendary Romano and always present on the buffet of vegetables … what a taste! Vegetables, tomatoes and zucchini gratin … and much more!

With numerous themed dinners organized during the summer season, we want you to taste the flavors of our land, piadina with the onion, passatelli the noodles, the gross spoja, the maltagliati with Sant’Aquilina beans, Montescudo potatoes , fried or cooked in other always strictly fresh preparations! Handmade desserts and cakes, a landmark of our kitchen!


Every morning,on our buffet, you will find different cakes, pies and donuts and the smell of freshly baked croissants waiting to be tasted as you wish, with our jams or whatever you like!

Our guests not loving sweets can taste chopping boards of cold cuts and cheeses, always strictly from our land and accompanied by honey from the nearby park under the protection of Carpegna!

For kids

For younger guests we cook meals with original vegetable, harvested from the garden of grand father Romano!Baby food no problem!!!
Once there is agreement on the timetable and on the menù. We’ll make baby food